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Arcelio Hernández Mussio is a distinguished legal professional and translator from Costa Rica, fluent in Spanish and English. His academic credentials include an Associate of Arts from Long Beach City College, a law degree from the International University of the Americas, and a master’s degree in diplomacy from the prestigious University of Costa Rica. Over the years, Arcelio has contributed to the academic and professional spheres through various scientific articles and publications that span an array of subjects within law, diplomacy, and religious studies. His diverse work reflects a deep commitment to exploring and elucidating complex topics with clarity and insight.

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    This novel is so good because it is so relatable. With the number of marriages that suffer from adultery, I think this would make a great movie.

    It is the story of the Smith family. Their idyllic lives are shattered by the infidelity of their patriarch. The repercussions are severe but there is healing. Ultimately it is the story of redemption which I love. It also emphasizes the importance of family bonds. Open and honest communication, facing hard questions and fears are better faced together.

    While this is an entertaining novel it is also instructional. I love that. Pain and difficulty do happen but love and joy can also be our choice. The novel was optimistic in the end. It’s about strong people and how their choices shape their lives.

    I loved the movie and book, Fireproof, that was so popular many years ago. This novel reminds me of it. I give it five resounding sta

    Anyone who has ever been in a relationship before has undoubtedly dealt with the temptations of infidelity. The author draws from his experience as a lawyer to create a novel about a family where the protagonist cheats and deals with the consequences. The characters development is great and the storyline is realistic and illustrates the aftermath of cheating on one’s loved one. The epilogue outlines advice to avoid infidelity draw from the author’s vast experience as a law professional

    «A Love Betrayed» is a poignant exploration of the profound impact of infidelity on the Smith family. With well-developed characters and intimate storytelling, it navigates the complexities of betrayal, pain, and ultimately, the journey toward healing. A thought-provoking and optimistic narrative that resonates deeply.

    The concepts of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and gratefulness align perfectly with Christian values, and I have found that incorporating this practice has brought a sense of peace and healing to my soul.

    Both inspirational and well-researched. I love how the author highlights a shared belief between Christianity and Ho’oponopono in the divine’s role in soul-cleansing. This book will open your mind to a new approach to prayer, reading scriptures, and listening to sermons. Beautiful!